About Us - Vya Naturals India

About Us

Our name

Vimal (pure)

Yajus (reverence)

Ayush (healthy life)

It is true that all names mean something. In our case, the name doesn’t merely have a meaning, it encapsulates our belief, our philosophy.

Vya is reverence for a pure and healthy life.

It’s a confluence of three simple words of Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. In its essence, the name Vya is a paean to simpler times; when nature was the source of everything; when you didn’t have to employ a chemistry set to create something; when what you put on your skin was also something you could probably eat.

Our heritage

The way we look at it, at least a part of our heritage is as old as India itself. After all, we take our inspiration from ancient knowledge that’s been handed down through generations across the subcontinent. We have no secret ingredients, no magical formulations, no pixie dust. What we do have are simple ingredients that are minimally processed and—for at least a few thousand years—have been proven efficacious.

But let’s be clear. We know and understand that just because something is from a few thousand years ago doesn’t, automatically, make it worth putting on our skin. We’re a modern, 21st century brand. And that’s why the other part of our heritage is “healthy scepticism.”

We make sure that we source the finest natural ingredients that are not only safe and non-toxic but also effective. Our formulations are original, created by us, and tested on people, not animals. We use therapeutic- grade essential oils, natural plant-based butters, natural clays and plant-based waxes. And we definitely DO NOT use parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, artificial dyes, mineral oils, formaldehyde, animal ingredients, artificial scents, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils, or petroleum.

Our Story

“If it’s going on my body, it better be good.”

On a typical Indian summer day, when the monsoon was still a pleasant memory from years past, the founders of Vya, assembled in a rented New Delhi apartment that served as their office, had an epiphany of sorts.

They knew what Vya had to be about. They knew, in that instant, that everything that went into those bottles had to be uncompromisingly good. Why? Because they themselves would be using them.

And so, over the next few weeks and months, they set out to put their money where their mouth was. They travelled around India; looking for the best, most effective natural ingredients and sampling each and every one of them by trying them on their own skin.

From their countless travels and conversations with traditional medicine experts was born Vya—a brand that’s fueled by its founders’ belief that if something isn’t good enough for them, it sure as heck won’t be good enough for anybody else.